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Aurora Composites

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Fibreglass is the generic name for Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP), also referred to as Composites. As the name implies, the material is a composite of glass fibres, thermoset plastic resin, and other additives.

By selecting the appropriate combination fibre reinforcements, resins, and processing technology, the designer can create a product or component to meet the most demanding specifications.

Typical benefits include:

  • High strength
  • Light weight
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Design flexibility

Our Company

Aurora Composites is a privately owned New Zealand company and distributor of composite raw materials in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Mike Boston, managing director and owner of Aurora has been involved in the composite industry since 1984. The business and main warehouse are located in Auckland with a warehouse facility and logistical support in Christchurch.

Key distribution agreements are held with Owens Corning, for glass fibre products and NCS for resin and gelcoats. Aurora is the sole distributor for Vitelmat, a high quality, flexible coremat.

The company also imports world leading resins from Reichhold, USA.

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