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Polyester Resins

Polyester Resins

A range of orthophthalic and isophthalic resins suited to general laminating, casting and acrylic back-up

NCS 991

Medium reactive, versatile, pre-accelerated, isophthalic, unsaturated polyester resin developed for manufacture of laminate for a wide range of critical applications where tough, high performance water and chemical resistant resin is required.

  • Suitable for boats, general chemical plant, pools & general laminating
  • Approved by Lloyds Register
  • Applied by brush or spray

NCS Polylite 2035 LSE LV

Medium reactive, thixotropic, low styrene emission orthophthalic polyester resin with a blue catalyst colour change indicator.

  • General purpose applications
  • Excellent wet-out of fibres
  • Good heat resistance HDT above 80C

Polylite Profile Tooling Resin

Polylite 33542-75 is a pre-promoted, unsaturated polyester laminating resin suitable for the construction of GRP tooling, that represents an advancement of the successful Polylite Profile Tooling Resin System. This resin is formulated for room temperature cure using standard MEKP (Butanox M-50).

  • Reduces tool building time by up to 80%
  • Low shrinkage
  • Rapid Barcol hardness development


NCS 992 LLV is a medium reactivity, resilient, isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin developed for high performance applications, using injection and infusion moulding techniques.  The outstanding wetting characteristics of NCS 992 LLV with glassfibre make it particularly suitable for use with fabrics.

  • Allows manipulation of geltimes
  • Rapid glassfibre wet-out leading to quick cavity filling times
  • High mechanical strength and strength retention in wet environments in temperatures up to 60oC