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Flake Glass

RCF600, RCF160, RCF015

MICROGLAS GLASFLAKE has the chemical resistance of C glass with excellent anti-corrosion characteristics ideal for use in vinyl ester and epoxy coatings.

  • Extended life for coating film and lining
  • Improved abrasion resistance of lining layer
  • Excellent level of durability against chemicals

Packaged in: moisture-proof paper bags each containing 20kg

Advantex Surface Veil

M524 ECR 30S

The product consists of 13micron – 18mm ADVANTEX glass fibre bound by a modified styrene resin.

  • Compatible with all commonly used polyester and epoxy resin systems
  • Highly soluble binder ensures rapid wet-out and good moulding characteristics with excellent dry handling
  • Provides a resin-rich surface as a corrosion barrier and can reinforce gelcoat surfaces

Available in: 100cm width x 250m length

Milled Fibres

Used in electrical connectors, automotive components, friction products and putty compounds

731ED1/8”  &  731ED1/32”

Milled fibres are produced in two general forms; powder and floccules. Powder being relatively free-flowing with a high bulk density, used in formulations which require very uniform dispersions and short fibres. Floccular being small modules of glass filaments, used in formulations where increased bulk or longer filaments are needed.

Milled fibres are glass filaments coated with a specific sizing to enhance resin compatibility and hammer-milled to a specific bulk density. Unlike chopped strands which are chopped to a precise strand length, milled fibres are hammer-milled to an average fibre length which is determined by the input glass and process conditions.

These products are compatible with: Polyester, Epoxy, Phenolic and Thermoplastics Resin

Packaged in: moisture-proof paper bags each containing 13.6 kgs for the 1/8” and 22 kgs for the 1/32”