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Multi End Rovings

For chopping (spray-up) applications


General purpose spray up roving made from ADVANTEX glass fibre for anti-corrosion, marine construction and transportation markets. 

Available in: CTC, Bulk and Creel packaging

 180 Roving

A silane based size compatible with polyester and polyurethane resin systems and is suitable for marine, swimming pools, and automotive 

Available in: CTC and Bulk packs


A high-speed through-put roving made from ADVANTEX glass fibre, with excellent conformance properties and  superior wet-out. 

Available in: Bulk packs only

Single End Rovings

Designed for pultrusion, filament winding and weaving applications.

 Single End Rovings

Fibres are drawn directly from the furnace and are wound into the roving package to form a single end, catenary-free roving. Compatible with Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy Resin systems.

Available in the following tex’s: 600,1200, 2400, 4800