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Vinyl Ester Resins

A range of Vinyl Ester Resins to suit a variety of corrosion specialised applications

HYDREX 100 Series (33350 & 33375)

A series of pre-promoted, thixotropic, vinyl ester resins suitable for fabricating small to large FRP structures with high production rates at room temperature. NB. 33352 is an infusion grade.

  • Premium resin for tooling applications
  • Versions available for marine skin-coat, bulk build and acrylic bonding
  • Swimming pool applications

DION 9100 Series

Bisphenol-A epoxy vinyl ester resins which offer excellent structural properties and very good resistance towards acids, alkalis and oxidising agents.

  • Thixotropic and suitable for hand and spray applications
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Catalyze with Butanox LPT

DION 9800 Series

Dion 9800 is a premium urethane modified vinyl ester with many unique features. The urethane modification creates a tough, resilient polymer that combines outstanding chemical resistance and high temperature performance with excellent laminating properties.

  • Unthixotroped and cured with standard MEKP
  • Excellent wet-out characteristics
  • Ideal for filament winding