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Woven Rovings

Bi-directional fabrics which impart high mechanical strength and impact resistance.

Available in the following densities: 400, 600 and 800 g/m2

Although 100cm is the standard width, the 400 and 800 are available in other widths.

Stitched Fabrics

These fabrics are constructed with a knitting process which assembles uni-directional rovings in multi axial layers being predominantly 0, 90, and +/- 45.

Available in the following formats:

  • Unidirectional
    A unidirectional warp 0 or weft 90
  • Biaxial
    A unidirectional warp 0 and a unidirectional weft 90
  • Double Biased
    Combines layers of +/- 45 unidirectional into a single fabric.
  • Triaxial
    Combines layers of unidirectional +/- 45 fabric with either a weft 90 or a wrap 0 unidirectional layer into a single fabric.
  • Quadraxial
    This four layered fabric combines a +/- 45 and a 0/90 into one fabric.

Knitted Fabrics are available in densities of: 400 to 6,000 g/m2 and some products have a mat backing.